Friday, August 1, 2008

Wednesday's trip to Burlington was a smashing success! Patrick didn't go because he had a client, plus he would have had to purchase travel insurance, so it just wasn't worth it. Anyways, first we took a sort of round about way of getting there through the Champlain islands, and had a picnic lunch. My mom wanted it to be fun for my dad, to see the scenery and be reminded of places where he used to go when he was a kid, since they had a cottage in that area. Then we arrived in Burlington and hit the stores at full force. The regular pattern was followed: Micheal's, Marshall's, The Christmas Tree Shop, The Olive Garden, Creative Habitat, TJ Maxx. It was a long, long day. We spent practically 2 hours at Marshall's alone! It was crazy. My dad was a very good sport and very patient. We knew he was bored, but he agreed that it was better to be out and about then sitting at home doing nothing. I am happy that he made it despite being nervous about going through the border and such. It's sucessful outings like that that are going to slowly give him the confidence he needs. Also, the reason why we're wearing really ugly clothes in the picture is because we threw them away while down there and wore our new finds back. We ended up making it through the border without having to pay any duty! It was a lucky day.

What did I get? In terms of scrapbooking, I got some great deals. The scalloped square punch was on sale at Michael's so I got it for only 10$, and the ribbon, paper pads and epoxy stickers were all 1$ or less! That album you see, I got for a mere 7$ at Marshall's, when normally it would sell for 30$ or more in the scrapping stores! Yay me!

I also got a pair of shorts, 2 shirts, earrings, sandals, and this spectacular find. Yup, I'm still a sucker for Roxy.

Yesterday, Julie and Alex came over to scrapbook. We've been really good at keeping up our weekly get-together. I was quite productive and made a layout and 2 cards, which I was quite pleased with. I wanted to take pictures of the cards because they were soooo nice, but my mom already gave them to our neighbors, I'm quite upset about that! I'm really trying to document everything that I create lately, but I guess sometimes we just can't keep track of it all. Oh well, there are bigger problems in life. Now I'm off to exercise and probably go to the mall yet again with my mom. She's such a bad influence, lol.

I got to drum a few songs on RockBand last night, since Patrick's parents were singing karaoke and thus I didn't have to worry about waking anyone up. Thanks for the fun time babe ;)


Claude said...

You are right, your dad is better off being out and about, but I know it can be tough. Some days, it just seems like an impossible task... I hope he gets better soon!

Love that Roxy bag, I'm quite jealous!

Isabelle said...

sounds like you had a good time! great bag!

Jessica said...

Great deals at Michaels!
We also wear ugly clothes when shopping in the States.

Ruth said...

Love the bag:)

Glad your Dad got out for the day.