Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've been lagging yet again in the posts. Here are 10 things going on with me:

1. I'm so, so tired right now. I just got back from a long day at work and the kids really wore me down. I think the new boy we have has ADHD and frankly it's exhausting. We have to take all kinds of new safety precautions just having him around - he likes to climb up the stairs and goes on the gym set with no shoes on, which is a no-no. I really hope he gets adjusted soon.

2. My back is killing me. I have used the foam-roller twice already today, and still it hurts. I think it's a combo of bad posture and lifting babies all day. Not fun. I'm going to go rub some tiger-balm on it soon and hopefully that will help.

3. Another reason I haven't been writing much lately is because things have been crazy at my house. High-strung isn't even the word to describe the way my dad has been acting. He's taken out all the fence in our backyard by himself, re-arranged the furniture on the deck, vacuumed the (above-ground) pool while standing on the ledge, much to my horror. He also went and bought a brand new heat pump without telling my mom (to replace the one we've had problems with). He even cut up the wires to my mom's rock speaker and then threw it in the garbage. Later, when my mom asked if knew where it was, he said no. She got suspicious and went looking through the garbage and found it, and when she confronted him, he had nothing to say. We are at our wit's end with his behavior, and I haven't even mentioned half of it. Of course we're happy that he's being so active, but it's just too extreme, too impulsive, too much, and too soon. He went for a bike ride to the bank the other day with no helmet on, and later admitted to having fallen off. He even parked his car in the driveway when he hasn't driven in over 8 months and is not allowed because his licence was suspended following the stroke. Anyways, all this to say that the roller-coaster ride continues. He sees the doctor on Thursday, when his medication will either be changed or adjusted. Meanwhile, we're completely exhausted. I've used that word twice already in one post.

4. I go back to school next Tuesday and can't believe that the summer is already over. I have school five days a week, and start my stage in mid-October. Time keeps rolling by (sung in my head as the lyrics to All Around The World).

5. From my previous sentence, it is no secret that I am SOOO excited about the upcoming Oasis concert - I am like a giddy school girl. Yes, you know those girls screaming and crying over The Beatles when they first came over to the States, I so get it! Okay, no seriously don't worry guys, I promise I will contain myself at the concert. Until Liam walks on stage, then all bets are off.

6. I am making a mini-book about my high-school years, and that's about the only scrapping I've been doing at the moment. I'm just not in the groove these days. I hope to get the mojo back soon. This book is really fun though and I get to dig through old photos of awful decor, hair and wardrobe choices. Julie was horrified when she saw a picture of herself the other day that was sitting on my scrap table. It was the 90's, so we can forgive ourselves. It wasn't our fault.

7. I went to Omer Des Serres (actually, I think they just call it Des Serres now) yesterday, to see if they had any Luxe papers for a contest (which they didn't) and then resisted buying papers which were 25% off. The reason being, I didn't really need them. So I walked away. I will save my scrapping allowance for the new Basic Grey papers that will be out soon, apparently within a few days even!

8. We might go up to Julie's cottage this weekend, if weather permits. I'm so happy about that! We really need a get-away.

9. We also might visit my mom's auntie Heather and family in Val David this weekend, which will be awesome as I love her and it's been a decade or more since I last visited. Sad that we have let that much time go by.

10. I'm going to eat hamburgers now, so nutritious...


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Poor Ash! I'm sorry that you've been going through that kind of stress with your father. :( I hope that things settles fast. Hugs!

As for Luxe pps, I may be able to help you. If you like lime green. ;P I could give you two different sheets of it in that color. Or two different colors in the grid pattern. Just give me a shout! I know that we aren't that far away from one another so it would be easy. :)

Ruth said...

Oh Ash sorry to hear about all the trouble with your Dad,I hope that it is a medication problem and it can be sorted out soon.

Shame I'm not near or I could of helped you with the Luxe papers too.

I'm also working on a mini album about my youth,my boys have been having hysterics over some of my pictures.

barb said...

Sorry to hear your dad is still struggling. I hope the doctors can adjust his meds so he's more like his old self again. (((hugs)))

As for your embarrassing pictures from the 90s... ummmm, try being a child of the 80s. Oh, the horror of the BIG HAIR!