Friday, August 15, 2008

Okay so I ended up spending 6$ last night because we rented a movie and I just had to have Swedish Berries, I know, so bad at like 10 pm... I'm going to burn it off now because Julie is coming over to do aqua aerobics in a few minutes, and I just spent an hour doing some intense vacuuming since our house is a pigsty by the end of the week thanks to the two men who make so much more of a mess than my mother and I. Anyways, I don't feel too guilty about those two things, but I guess we could have just watched TV and not had junk and that would have been fine.

I seem to be getting more Trojans on my computer, what's up with that?? So annoying. Anyways, gotta go, Julie will be here in a few minutes.

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