Thursday, August 14, 2008

I was browsing around the net yesterday and stumbled upon an Oasis blog that is updated, it seems, at least daily. Yes! Not like anyone cares on this side of the pond besides me, but that's just fine and dandy.

However, I found this recent picture of Liam and was horrified over the bowl haircut. Can he possibly look any more like Ringo Starr and Julie's dad at the same time? Freaky, icky, please make it go away...

But thankfully I checked back on the blog today and found this, taken in the last few days. Apparently he's realized that awful haircut just didn't do him justice. It's a good thing because my heart would have broken a little bit if he'd sported that 'do at the Bell center in just a few short weeks.

Sigh, he's looking a little thin and Noel-ish in this photo, and I'm not sure about the scarf. But I'll always love my Liam.

Also, I've realized that nobody cares about my Oasis rants because I never get any comments on them, ha! Sorry to bore you all but you must realize that a dream dreams, she never dies....

And in terms of budget, today I have spent NoThInG! Thanks for all your support thus far.


Ruth said...

OMG.he looks like Paul Weller from The Jam !!

My friend at Uni had the biggest crush on Liam and had this huge poster on the wall in her space..........we used to get wool and make his eyebrows even bigger :) she wasn't very impressed,it made us laugh though !!

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Well it looks like you are going to get at least 2 comments on this one! LOL

Ok, I'm not sure about the second pic either but it doesn't really matters 'cause I love Oasis nontheless!

We never take the time to go to concerts nowadays (we're getting old *sigh*) but this is one that I wish I was going! :)

Claude said...

I'm not a fan, but I agree that haircut was pretty horrible!