Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vampire Weekend!

Last night Pat and I went to see Vampire Weekend at Metropolis. They were fantabulous. You can read more about it here. If you have not heard of this band, you NEED to check them out. Total feel-good music that will have you grooving along. It is rare that I can listen to an entire album without skipping a few songs, but I can listen to both of their albums straight through - again and again and again. Seriously, I could have them on repeat for hours.

Photograph by: Pierre Obendrauf / THE GAZETTE

Anyways, the vibe was great. However, we did have to wait until 10:20 for them to come on... There were two opening acts - The Dum Dum Girls and Beach House. The first act was so-so, kinda bland overall, and the second was majorly trippy but very catchy. I will have to check them out in more detail, as I've heard of them before. Of course, both acts paled in comparison to the opening! They were soooo very good, so involved with the audience, charismatic and energetic. They switched up a crap load of instruments, and sounded exactly, if not better, than their recordings.

We also met some pretty cool people there, which made the long wait in between sets that much more entertaining. Overall, though I'm exhausted today and am probably writing incoherently, it was really worth it. I need to see cool indie groups more often, at smaller venues. Really worth the money.

Aside from that, have been very busy with work. Sooooo busy. A good kind of busy that makes the day fly by and makes me feel accomplished, but still, I need to remember to take breaks and down-time for myself. Which I am going to do right now..... peace out.

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