Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mid-week update

Here's what I've been reading for the last week or two. I would have finished it all at once if I had more moments of solitude, and if I could keep my eyes open for longer before passing out so completely, book tumbling to the floor. And also because I feel like I shouldn't rush through it because it's that good. I need to stretch it out, appreciate it in small doses before that bittersweet realization that I've only got a few pages to go before finishing something that feels like conversing with a cool new best friend. The characters are so wonderfully unique, multi-faceted, endearing... The prose just feels like home to me, I relate so well. It makes me think - hey, wait a second, I could write something like this. So very inspiring. I don't want it to end! Although, it's reassuring to know that there's another book by the same author that I have yet to check out. I love me a good book. I may very well take a bath soon with said book in hand (very carefully, mind you, so as not to damage it). I've got years of experience in that domain.

Tonight was the "Open House" at the school I'm working at. I was a little nervous about the whole ordeal, even with a year under my belt, and even after having met the parents before. It went really well. I was so reassured, and so happy to have such positive feedback from parents. It makes me feel so validated, like it's all worth-while. Things are beginning to fall into place. Yes, certain moments each day are a test of patience, but I need to look at the whole and see the good in it all. It's so worth it. I would never have pictured myself talking in front of a group of adults (the thought of it just eeks me out), but every time it goes well, and every time I feel so grown-up, professional, accomplished. So for all the complaining I might put Patrick before-hand, in the end, things work out well. Need to keep that in mind for future reference.

Anyways, I'm going to attempt some digi-scrapping before bed! Cheers all. Hope your Wednesday was good.

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Jess said...

I loved the Flying Troutmans....I also loved a Complicated Kindness. Miriam Toews is a great writer.