Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some random tidbits

Just finished this book, oddly at the same time as Ali. I started by devouring the pages a little over a week ago. Towards the last 3/4 I wasn't too sure what to make of it all anymore. It's eerie, strange, yet charming in it's right. At certain parts, the details felt a little contrived, but I plowed on regardless, hoping that the ending would satisfy me. It didn't completely. It felt a bit anti-climatic, yet also appropriate. It took the saying "be careful what you wish for" to a whole new level. It didn't tug at my heartstrings the way the Time Traveler's Wife did, and I guess I kept expecting it to. Don't get me wrong, there are certain very appealing aspects (the London setting, the paranormal aspect, the character development and exchanges, the flowing prose....) but some element was absent. It was still a good read, I conclude, but I am not remorseful to be finished - instead a bit relieved. It was rather grim and gothic towards the end, and becoming burdensome on a sunny afternoon by the pool! On to other reads... I'm still on the Sookie series, but it feels a bit junky and juvenile. Need to get me a real book soon. A trip to the library is in store. Oh yeah, that place. Haven't stepped foot in there for a good while as it is summer.

Of all the photos I took at Julie's cottage and Tremblant, not more than a handful turned out nicely. Since I am cameraless for the moment, we were using Pat's point and shoot, which seems to be having an issue with the flash. It only comes on when it feels like coming on (so annoying) and it's resulted in many blurry, dark nighttime photos. Rest assured, we had a nice time there. The blues fest was going on, so we had the chance to catch a free show by Angel Forrest, who I'd never heard of before, but was impressed by. The last song was a cover of Hallelujah and she did a wonderful job. Apart from that, we did a lot of drinking, eating and lounging. We also canoed and swam, but got caught in a thunderstorm while on the dock in the middle of the lake! Luckily it passed and we were able to resume our fun. Overall, it was a nice little getaway and we were lucky to be invited.

While browsing Etsy a little while ago, I came across this inspiring store. It got me thinking that maybe I could create my own digital art sort of thing, tailored to my style. So I played around and produced this:

I have the intention of adding some real embellishments to make it feel more complete as I think something might be missing at the moment. But overall, I got all excited at the thought of taking my favorite lyrics and making them into something that can be displayed in my future house. The words are from my favorite song by Edward Sharpe. I couldn't tell you where I got all the other digi stuff since I can't be bothered to keep track. Ooops!

Yesterday I went out for brunch with my friend Audrey. We ate at the Dix30 and then explored. I can't get over how nice the garden area is - there are benches, ponds, fire pits and gorgeous, lush plants right in the heart of all the shopping. Even though I have been there countless times, I never really stopped to appreciate the outdoor spaces. There is so much to do and see right in front of our eyes! I also did a lot of damage at the Tommy outlet. I don't normally shop there, but sometimes being with a friend can encourage you to try things out of your style/comfort zone, and the end results are pleasing. There are some really good sales - polos and shirts for 20$ and less.

Anyways, there is another big plan brewing which I will be happy to report once things are finalized. Hopefully all the kinks can be ironed out as I would love to shout this news from the rooftops.

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