Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm borrowing this idea from girl loves friday

listening: yeah yeah yeahs.
eating: oatmeal, raspberries, yogurt. All mixed together.
drinking: extra large coffee
wearing: my pjs. Yes, still, at 11:42 am. So what? don't judge me :P
feeling: excited. inspired.
weather: overcast, with a chance of sun, perhaps?
wanting: to stop having what seems to be sinus pressure. Also, a very expensive watch that I saw the other day. And a trip to Plattsburgh.
needing: to finalize my CV.
thinking: about getting some new library books.
enjoying: endless summer.
wondering: should I buy a super cheap point and shoot from Walmart (available in pink!)?

Also, guess what? I am going to the Bahamas next Sunday! Hellz yeah! So excited :)

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Jessica said...

bahamas!!!! yay! have fun!