Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

Tuesday, 5:02pm. It is HOT, HOT, scorching hot. But I'm not complaining. Summer has arrived, or at least the illusion of summer until another cold front blows in. My shoebox classroom suddenly feels all the more stuffy. Patrick bought me a fan for school but I have yet to install it. It makes me think I have less time to endure there, somehow, if I leave it in my trunk. Dumb logic perhaps, and laziness. I am attempting to stretch my wardrobe to accommodate the school rules (no tank-tops or short shorts) but it's a pain. Nevertheless, I choose this weather hands down over snow. Hands-down. There is no question. I love summer.

This weekend was great... went to Ikea to dream and plot the future. Debated coffee tables, bedroom furniture and the likes. Ate in the cafeteria. Appreciated the intuitiveness of the Swedes. Reminisced about Patrick's time exploring there. Checked out the world map for quite some time, and wanted to buy it, but 200$ is quite pricey, no?! Nearly bought a cheese grater and lint roller until we saw the size of the line-up and opted out. Lip-synced some Yeah Yeah Yeahs into said lint-roller while air-guitaring it a bit, until I realized people were starring. Can't help it sometimes when a good song comes on. My bottom lip must have looked atrocious, as I'm told, but I'll go along with it to live the musical euphoria. It makes me feel good.

Also this weekend, attended a BBQ at Alex and Ryan's. It was nice to catch up with them - lots to share indeed!! On the menu was sausage (curved and spicy - LOL), zucchini and corn on the cob - my first this season and sooooooo good. Alex also made a super-duper fruit salad. And, I tried out some Vodka Mudshakes (or something resembling that name) which were like drinking chocolate milk. Need to be careful seeing how I'm such a cheap drunk! Also got to be in kitty heaven, seen here. I am sure a sucker for cats. I think I would be the crazy cat lady if Patrick didn't intervene.

Patrick and I went biking, too. Needed to get the bikes all prepped for the new season - tires were inflated, seats adjusted, gears set. We went to the lakes and back. We hung out under a tree on the crunchy grass. We eavesdropped on conversations and I plotted possible scenarios between characters. Then we rode home in time for a nap. Then pina coladas, burgers, and oh yes, a LOST marathon. My dear, dear show has come to an end, and I must say that I'm pretty satisfied. I know a lot of people aren't, but I felt like there was closure with the characters. I liked that they didn't answer everything for us, and respected us enough to use our own creativity to fill in the gaps. Well done! I liked the scene with Christian Sheppard, how he told us "there is no here, now". Powerful stuff. Need to re-watch, of course, before it all sinks in.

At least Lost finished nicely. Unfortunately, the Habs didn't. So disappointing. But I will say that they put in a great run. Where is this coming from? I'm surprising even myself by writing this or caring at all for that matter. But maybe, just maybe, a hockey fan has been created. And the fact that Patrick won (by dance-off, but that's another story, lol) season-opener tickets for next year does help.

We also went hiking and swimming yesterday. We climbed to the top of Mount Bruno, posed beside the ski lifts and then my camera died. But we did catch a few decent pics near the lake. It was nice to be away from the crowds. To take whatever path came to us. To have some interesting and heartfelt convos. I do appreciate these moments, even if I don't let on sometimes.

Wow, so proud of myself for getting back into writing and documenting mode. Sometimes it feels so contrived and annoying, but once you're in the flow, it's so rewarding. Now I must tackle something else on the list of things, on my way towards fulfillment: going to the gym. It's 5-fit this evening, should be unbearably hard and capable of producing several f-bombs, but enjoyable. Cheers.

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Barb said...

Love that you're blogging again. I think that it's especially important when you're in a busy phase of life because it really does go by in a blur, but there are lots of everyday details that you'll want to remember. :)

Your photos are so fun... I love the post-processing you've done on them.