Thursday, May 20, 2010

FeeL Good Inc.

Presently in love with these things:

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Pure goodness. Must have been a hippie in a previous life. They make me soooooo very happy.

Also, this book:

More on my fragmented happy list:

the series finale of LOST!!! very soon.

the season in general. crab-apple blossoms, caterpillars, bohemian sandals.

long days. warm nights. a three-day weekend coming up.


exploring insects with a new set of eyes... the joys of a kindergarten classroom.

the thought of my cousin's wedding. rocky mountains. hot springs. photography heaven.

the glimpse of my scrap supplies every morning - the thought that today might be the day i attack my stash again.

a trip to ikea, soon. watching sarah richardson every morning before i leave for work with my giant coffee mug. the discovery of this and this. wonderful. like having a scrapbooking page on your wall :)

the excitement of a hockey-loving school and town (and boyfriend, of course). never thought i'd become a fan, but turns out the habs are that much more entertaining when it's the playoffs.

5-fit. lifting heavy mo-fo weights and feeling proud.

browsing teacher art blogs like this and this. making templates for the kids. am i a geek or what?

inside jokes. safe havens. letting down my hair and all the rest at the end of the day. the joys of being cared for when i'm sick and yucky.

that is all for now. cheers maties.


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Barb said...

I love the look of your blog... what a great post with a peek into your everyday life. WTG with the weights at the gym! You remind me a bit of me in my 20s. :)