Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Circus Birthday

We were here on Saturday. Great, great show, I must say. It was my mom's surprise birthday present, although I have a sneaking suspicion that she knew all along. I was surprised that the boys (my dad and bro anyways) wanted to tag along, but they actually had their minds blown by the whole of it, me thinks. There was some stellar acts, and the costumes and set design were out of this world. I highly recommend it to anyone in town.

The whole day was mom-centered. We made her brunch in the morning, then saw the show, then went out for dinner, and came back home for cake. I think she was happy with her double-whammy birthday/mother's day weekend. I hope so at least. It's hard to live up to her birthday party planning legacy. But I'd like to think I came close.

On another brain wave.... less than six weeks left before the end of the year and my big trip to BC for my cousin's wedding!! As grateful as I am for the experience I've had this year, I'll be looking forward to the break to recharge my batteries and do some more me-centric sort of activities. Instead of making portfolios for all my students, for example, I might get back into scrapbooking on a regular basis.... one can still dream.... I've been told by colleagues that this is a normal part of the year - feeling completely fed up and exhausted and such - so I'm trying to go with it. I still love my group but I'm so sick of having to make and plan everything from scratch day in and day out. It's hard to understand unless you're a teacher I suppose. It's just that the work never ends; it always comes home. I guess this year's been about learning to set boundaries and accepting to go with the flow a little more, or else I would have absolutely no life. I'm a little discouraged that this might get worse in the older grades with a larger class size, but I'm trying to not let it get to me too much. I think overall it's been a super positive experience and I've learned a lot - professionally, socially and personally. Can't complain, really.

Okay, well I've got a date with the BF and some Smallville to catch up on. Gotta love the cheesy goodness of the Kents. Come on now. Cheers.

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