Friday, June 11, 2010

June is the crazy month

It's been a while and lots has been going down! I am gonna go ahead and launch myself into some random blathering. I apologize in advance for how ridiculously long this will be. I am taking a break from writing report card comments at the moment to record what's going on before this month is come and gone. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS ALREADY MID-JUNE!
Here is what's on my work to-do list:
1. Finish K reports
2. Enter marks for Grade 1
3. Finish photo-collages
4. Finish portfolios
5. Finalize Father's Day crafts
6. Buy giant bins and start packing my class
7. Make slide-show (if an ounce of time/sanity remains)
8. Photocopy books
9. Organizing K Grad in more detail
10. Student write-ups for files

Seeing it all written out like this, it doesn't seem completely terrible. It seems somewhat manageable, even, minus #7. I might not do that one. But I will probably succumb to it in the end, because I know it'd be worth it to have the memory. I have a sneaking suspicion that the scrapbooker in me will win.

Other than that, I am getting ready for my cousin's wedding. We leave for B.C. on the 24th. Between now and then, I need to get hair and nails done. Oh, and attend a house-warming party. And have Patrick's birthday. And Father's Day. And retirement and end-of-year parties. And graduations. LOL it's almost comical. I can't say I despise it. But I am looking forward to some down time in the Rockies, that's for sure.

This week has been super busy as well. Last weekend, we helped Cindy and Jay move into their brand-spanking-new (and super nice!!) condo.

Patrick was entertaining Jason's niece Heidi, lol.

And then there was Pat's dad birthday the next day.

We also went out with some work friends this week to this awesome live music show with reggae/jazz style of music. It was really fun and hopefully we'll make a routine out of it!

Even more exciting was the surprise Arcade Fire (FREE!!) concert on Wednesday in a parking lot nearby - totally wonderfully unexpected and random. But great :) Patrick and I have been huge fans since seeing them live years ago with U2.

You can't see much, but here they are:

There is so much more I could go on about but I really should try to get some work done! I have procrastinated enough. I was supposed to be getting right on all my tasks while Pat is with a client... but as usual, my Internet and photo obsession seems to have taken precedence. Aw well. Hope you all have a great weekend!! Cheers.

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