Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump De Bump

Not really in the mood for blogging lately. I tend to get caught up reading other peoples' blogs and then have no motivation left over for my own words. Need to get back into the writing groove. March break has come and gone and already I am looking forward to Easter break! Don't get me wrong, I have a great job and I love my kiddies, but I am so very tired right now. I think the basement reno has really done me in, since it's infringing on my personal space and down time, you know? I cannot wait to have my own place. I am so, so ready.

I took a break from the gym this evening since my body had been complaining. I seem to have re-activated an old injury in the shoulder and it blows. I am so tense on my right side, and admittedly, tapping away in front of this screen is no help. But I was in the mood to get some thoughts down, and came up with a digi page. So alas, I am at least productive in one domain. I tend to focus on my long-lost hobby when Patrick is busy with clients, like he is this evening. Wow, my thoughts are really all over the place. I apologize.

I am starting to worry that LOST is going to be a major let down. I really, really hope they can pull it off, but with ten episodes to go, I'm kinda biting my nails. I know I should have faith, but it's kinda hard with so little info... I suppose they're doing it on purpose to make us feel connected to what the characters themselves are going through... I did enjoy last night's Ben-centric storyline. It felt a lot more genuine than any of the other bits and pieces they've been stitching together the last little while. I hate how they think they have time to delve into these new figures - they come off so flat!!! Ben's confession had so much sustenance, no? Anywho... I am nowhere near as obsessed as I know some are out there. I haven't invested as much thought or effort into trying to figure out the island's mysteries... but I do read this blog and it keeps me kinda enlightened enough.

Alright, well I just got a call from my man so time for me to peace out. Here's that layout I was talkin 'bout. Cheers!

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Barb said...

Renos really do suck the life out of you. I hope your space is ready for you soon.

As for school, it's such a busy busy job working with little ones. I honestly don't know how you teachers do it! I really admire and respect the teachers at the boys' school... and this week, Ontario is on March Break so all those tired teachers are getting a well-deserved break from their routine. Phew!

I love your digital page, and I love that you find time to do it when you have a quiet moment. Love it! It's a good way to slow down and capture a few snippets of your life. It may not seem like much now, but it'll mean the world to you later on. And the creative side of you must feel so good after you've finished a page!

As for your injury, take care of it. I hope you heal up soon.