Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Break!!!

Why hello - I'm on March Break! I finally get to appreciate of the huge perks of being a teacher, although I can't seem to get my teacher brain to shut off. Today I actually make posters for my class (full-on coloring on bristol boards) - I know, I'm completely nutso. But I enjoy it. Plus, my computer had crashed and my wonderful boyfriend was fixing it. So I figured it would be a good way to keep myself busy while he worked. Also, my basement is a complete disaster zone at the moment because my mom has decided to replace the tacky 80's wood paneling with some modern paneling. It's going to look great in the long run, but right now I have no access to my work-out equipment or scrapbooking stash, which sucks! At least now my computer is fixed so I can do some digi scrapping!

I am so excited to have a full week off. Here are some fun things that I'm gonna do:

1. Indoor swimming (finally gonna check that off the want-to-do list)
2. Trip to Burlington with the girlies (yes, shopping and Olive Garden coming my way)
3. Going to the Grande-Biblio downtown (I've been meaning to go for ages now)
4. Attend a Stampin'Up party hosted by one of my colleagues (and try not to spend too much $)
5. Treat Patrick to a Spa day

I'm liking the sounds of this itinerary. Anyways, I'm gonna get going but wanted to share a page I did a while back.

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