Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another post in the same week - yay me! I have been taking some time off from the gym to nurse this reoccurring cold, so I have had more scrapbooking time on my hands, seen here. I think I'm even going to clean off my scrap desk and pull out some stuff very soon while Pat is busy with clients. I have some new Dear Lizzy stuff, as well as some new K&Company. Oh, and a new scalloped circle bunch and a fresh stack of white cardstock. And, a new cutting mat for my Silhouette. Sounds like I could keep myself quite occupied. Man, it's crazy how much scrapbooking stuff I manage to accumulate... Terrible, terrible (but wonderful) addiction!

In different new, some players from the Alouettes visited our school today. They played basketball against the teachers (not me!!) while 400 students cheered them on. And by cheered, I mean screamed and yelled like frantic maniacs while flailing inflatable rods that were handed out by the Als. Hahahaha! Try keeping students tame... My poor little guys were complaining about how noisy it was! Still, it was a lot of fun and the guys were very good sports. They kept us quite entertained even though they completely creamed us! But Stace, there were really none that were appealing, so don't worry, you didn't miss much ;) In the same vein, what a complete turn-off to discover that a man who is seemingly quite buff on the upper portion actually has chicken legs. Ick. Big calves are totally sexy to me. Along with good pecs and lats. And we'll throw in some stubble and big-ass sideburns while we're at it. Voila.
Okay, time for me to go experiment with my new scrappy products. Enjoy your Friday demain!


Barb said...

I love your page... what a fabulous photo, and such awesome digital effects. You're really good!

As for the accumulation of scrapbooking supplies, I can SO relate. It is addictive, and there's so much pretty stuff out there. Too bad I don't have more time to scrap! lol

famille1999 said...

Your page looks awesome! Love the grungy edgy feel of it! :) Sorry to hear that you are nursing yet another cold. :( I've been trying to replenish my white cardstock stash for a while without much success. Everytime I tried lately, everyone was out! LOL I've been pretty good with the not-buy lately but I still have way too much stuff... *sigh*