Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Present Obsessions

Hello y'all, how's it hanging? I'm a few minutes away from the covers and a good book. But right now I felt like depositing some thoughts, in no particular order. I'm a little spazy at the moment, so bare with me. I am currently quite entranced by the idea of looking for condos or houses. Like, possibly obsessed. I know that I'm just dreaming of possibilities in the future. But still, it's fun to imagine and then plot for hours on end... I am going to book a visit to one place in particular rather soon, just to get a feel for it in real life. I know that it would probably be wise to wait another year before getting our own place, but I really, really want to right now. We shall see how that works out in the next little while. Can it be attributed to spring fever? Not sure.

What else is going on? I have allergies or a cold of some sort. Yes, again. It's really sad, actually. I am assured by colleagues, though, that it's very normal for the first year of teaching. I'm toughening my immune system apparently. Well, I hope so. I thought that working in daycare for years was prep enough, but apparently not. What can you do?

I thought these pictures were the funniest thing ever. These two were getting rather cozy together whilst sharing some afternoon nappy time. Should I be jealous? (PS, nice butt crabby Patty).

Sagua, I love you and your ridiculous behavior. I'm not sure if I bug you more than you bug me; I think we have a nice little love/hate relationship going. But please stop trying to steal my boyfriend.... hahaha....

Alright, I said I would be in bed soon and I've wasted tons of time on here. So much for an early night. Cheers!

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