Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010

It's pretty crazy when I think about the of the chunk of time in front of me: a new decade that will most likely see me buy my first place, get married, and have children. WoW!! It's pretty meaningful and exciting when thought about from that perspective. But for now I will take it one step at a time. Gotta focus on the moments as they pass.

So the new year is here and there is one day of vacation, sniff, sniff. I have done both a lot and very little. I feel well-rested and energized, although I still think it will be rough getting up tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see how many posters have fallen down in my classroom (note extreme sarcasm). It will be good to go back to routine, to stop eating and drinking in alarming proportions, and see my kiddies. I am also looking forward to working out on a more fixed schedule and hopefully getting over this little cold I can't seem to shake. It's nothing serious, but I feel like it keeps me from reaching my maximum work-out potential. Ah well, what can you do but keep at it, in the hopes it will improve gradually.

I know that everyone's into the resolutions and the word of the year. In 2007 my word was "steadfast", right after my dad's stroke. I think I stuck by that pretty well. Last year, I wrote a bunch of good intentions down, and then never chose a word. There was a lot going on, and I lost focus of a lot of things as certain events took precedence, most notably, the end of Patsy's battle against cancer.

This year, I haven't chosen a word, but I'm hoping that Patrick and I can finally focus on ourselves. Some words that came to mind were "grow", "mend", "accept", and "invest" just off the top. Mehh... Although I really like the idea of choosing a word, it's challenging to find something that sums it all up. So here is a random list of thoughts about the new year and things I would like to do, not necessarily in the order they appear.

1. Mend my relationships.
2. Cook with confidence.
3. Scrapbook the most meaningful stories.
4. Write more, from the heart.
5. Listen with intent.
6. Appreciate what I've got right in front of me.
7. Make my own space.
8. Travel.
9. Spend time with friends, no excuses.
10. Organize.
11. Feel okay with my best efforts.
12. Worry less about other's opinions.
13. Catch up on good TV.
14. Stretch more - do yoga once per week.
15. Take photos weekly, not just of my class.
16. Sing every day.
17. Enjoy small wonders.
18. Remember that life is fragile.
19. Talk to ghosts rather than fear them.
20. Let go. Enjoy.

Well, twenty seems to be a good number. My neck is stiff and I need to practice #14. But first, a layout I made last night. Peace out.


Jessica said...

Happy New year Ash!!!

Isabelle said...

Happy New Year Ash!!! i am so glad that i found your blog again; i had made some changes to my blog and lost all my links... great layout! love the bright colors!