Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas was good 'round these parts. It came and went quickly, but it was nice. On Christmas Eve, we had the traditional tourtiere supper and then headed out to church. It's the one time I go to church all year, and it's mostly to please my nanny, who likes to show us off to the regulars. I must admit, however, that it probably wouldn't feel like Christmas without the candle-lit rendition of "Silent Night" - a classic every year. And there's something about hearing the choir sing that makes me all nostalgic. It reminds me of the building anticipation that would come at the thought of being home in my pyjamas, leaving cookies for Santa, and hoping to hear the sleigh bells ring. To put us even more in the spirit, this year I even read the Grinch and the Night before Christmas before bed, much to Pat's delight ;)

Christmas day, we got up early to open gifts, then had a brunch, and all too quickly, Pat and I had to rush off to his house to open more gifts over there. We were all very spoiled this year, but it was pretty bitter-sweet, since it's the first Christmas without his mom, and her presence was really missed. I didn't think I would be getting emotional just looking at some of her favorite items, but I did. It was weird, since nobody seemed very open to talking about how they were really feeling. Pat and I were at least able to talk to each other about it, and we remembered her in our own way. I felt her presence in some unexplainable way. I think she would be happy to know where most of us are now.

This year, his father's family came a little bit earlier because some of his uncles had to work that night, so we were able to see everyone before going back to my house for supper. We decided it would be easier to just stay at my place rather than rush back to his again afterwards. We could take it easy and drink without worrying about the consequences, and most of his family was leaving early anyways, so it would have been pointless to go back there. I know we probably let some people down in the process but I am trying to let go of that. I need to accept that we can't please everyone, and sometimes we just need to do what's best for us. Overall, Christmas was good and more relaxed than previous years, so I am happy.

In other news, Pat and I took a trip down to the Burlington and Plattsburgh over the last few days. We followed Ken, Julie, Will and Sarah down and got in some good shopping. We stayed a few nights at a hotel, and there was an indoor pool. I feel like I'm on a completely different wave length right now - work seems like some distant memory, which was well needed I think. I am reconnecting with some forgotten aspects and mending some things that need mending. I am working in slow motion and it's sweet. Anyways, I will try to get back here later with photos of our trip. Right now I need to sort out all the stuff that I bought and try to maybe get a tiny bit of lesson planning done so that I don't need to feel so overwhelmed with a new theme when I get back. I am just excited that I still have a job to go back to! Alright, well, peace :)

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