Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January is so very long!

I can think of a whole bunch of things I "should" be doing right now - like laundry, entering marks, making tomorrow's lunch, etc - but I am here, blogging. Because it's what I do and I haven't been doing enough of it. Because writing is good for my soul. And because I actually have photos to share!! I finally caved and got a year subscription to Picnik. There are lots of fun gadgets when you are a premium user, and considering how often I use this site, I figured it was worth the investment (actually, I found it very reasonably priced).

My superstar boyfriend had these sent to my work the week before last. I know, eh? Isn't he great?

The real story goes like this: I was coming down with a nasty cold two weeks ago (that I'm still not completely over) and I decided by Thursday that I'd had it. I figured it would be in everyone's best interest for me to take a sick day on the Friday to get better. I announced my brilliant plan to Patrick that evening and was met with a strange response. He seemed a bit annoyed/frustrated that I wouldn't be going to work, but he wasn't giving me any info. Finally, after a bit of digging, he revealed that he had ordered flowers for me online, and they were due to arrive the next day (yup, while I'd be at home in my pyjamas). After a bit of bickering on both our parts for the predicament (since we were afraid the flowers would die and they had cost so much money) I phoned my partner in crime, Miss Stacy, and since she's such a great person, she offered to pick the flowers up for me the next day and bring them to my place. Turns out, however, that the flowers were on back-order and only arrived the following Monday! So, I got my "surprise" at work in the end, and it was so fun to see the look on my students' faces when the bouquet arrived. Yes, I am quite spoiled, I am aware. He's very good at these things and I am very lucky. I sense a scrapbooking page on this topic, as soon as I find my groove again in that department.

This past weekend, I got to celebrate my friend Darla's engagement with friends! We had tons of fun and Cheryl and Vero did an amazing job organizing it. The food and games were sensational girls :) And her ring is lovely. I must say Pat did good. Her Pat, folks - We both have Patrick L's, funny, no?

Well, I could go on, but I will keep it short and sweet for now. I want to try to do some digi before bed. Hope your week has been good. The weekend is only two days away!

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