Friday, September 11, 2009

Patrick is safe and sound in Sweden. He emailed me the other day, thankfully, to give me a little update. I am starting to miss him a lot. I think the weekend will be the hardest, as it is normally the time that we spend together the most. However, I thought I would read some of his e-journal, if you will (his growing collection of thoughts) to make me feel closer, and it's comforting. I stumbled upon this gem:

When someone does something you appreciate, never lose the opportunity to let them know. It may seem awkward at first, but it is awkwardness that can be guided to comfort. Sometimes the alternative of not facing the awkwardness can lead to great sorrow, or regret, when that someone is no longer around.

Just a little reminder to appreciate those you love, and let them know, in the moment when they are close to you. Sometimes I forget to truly embrace what I have. Sometimes I am so caught up in the daily grind and all the crap going on that I actually vent for half an hour before remember to even hold Patrick's hand or notice that he's cut his hair or really look into his eyes. Sometimes I am going through the motions, my own emotions, totally in my own little bubble, and that is so not cool. I need to just let it go and shift gears, and listen to his insight. How can gossip or negativity ever be worth more than that? It can't. And so, if the distance between us at the moment has lead to this feeling, then it makes me think that I needed this little refresher.

Love you my lover like no other...

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patti said...

wow, love that, pat sure has grown into a fine young man and glad you take what he says to your heart ashley. i learned to say what i feel way late in life as a matter of fact, it was when my dad died that i never fail to tell my family that i love them and our oldest had a very hard time to verbalize that, even though we knew that she did, but it was never in our conversations, kwim!