Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Looks like it's going to be another really nice day, although I wouldn't be surprised if it rained again. I was actually happy that it rained yesterday evening, because I was getting to hot and bothered by the humidity. Normally I love the hot, hot heat, but I think because I'm sick right now, it was just making me irritable.

I don't know what I have, but I'm low energy, a bit out of breath, and generally "blah". I'm not overly stuffed up, and my throat is a little itchy. My eyes are also icky. And I have a lump on the side of my throat, which I'm assuming is a swollen gland. I'm going to visit the doctor shortly, so hopefully she can figure out what I have. I wasn't feeling well starting the weekend before last, but I pushed myself because there was so much going on. Then, I did quite a few rather intense classes at the gym last week, but wasn't able to keep up at the regular fitness level. That should have been more of a sign to me to stop, because now I feel like I'm paying for it. So I haven't worked out since Friday, which sucks, but I have to give my body a chance to heal.

It's Patrick's birthday of Friday. We might go to a comedy show, the one they have a the AMC. I think that should be pretty fun. I was going to plan something more extravagant, like a weekend getaway, but as it turns out, it's Alex's bridal shower the next day. It's going to be a busy weekend once again, but I don't mind. As long as it's well mapped out, then it should be a lot of fun.

At Pat's house, there is now an outside cat that I would gladly trade for his inside cat. Look how cute this is. The cat (named Henry 8 by Pat's sister, don't ask why) actually prays for you to give it food... it's the nicest cat ever, and he's always hanging around. He's actually taken to sleeping on their patio chairs. Baby, however, is not a happy camper. She sits at the screen door waiting to pounce. They hiss and attempt to claw at each other through the screen. I am so tempted to just let them go at it, but Baby could get an infection if she gets cut by the other cat...

Add to this excitement the family of 7 groundhogs that have made their home under his shed, and we have quite the animal fest going on! I haven't managed to get a decent photo of them yet, but here is an idea. Pat's dad says he has to find a way to get rid of them, but I'm not so sure he's looking for a humane way to do it :(

Well, I have to go get ready for my appointment, so more later. Have a great day.


Ruth said...

Hope you're feeling more like yourself soon Ash.

Seems those groundhogs are taking over on the Southshore :) They look cute though peeking out like that.

rocklady said...

when justin has an ear infection he gets that swollen gland, hope that's all it is ash.

omg, that cat has shown up here too and i thought that was the cutest thing when he was begging like that, you got a much better photo of him.

too funny all those groundhogs!!!

JulieS said...

That is one cute cat! And the groundhogs, I know they're a pain, but man they're cute! We have one that is probably living under a shed around here too. My mother hates how he eats all the good stuff in the garden so she shoos him away.

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Oh man... what a cute cute cute kittie!!! Good thing I'm just far enough from you that I don't see him or else I might want to adopt him. (And don't you dare bring him to my house or my dh will kill me LOL) As for the groundhog family, once again... how cuuuuuute! My resident groundhog hasn't shown his face for a while now. I know because my plants are actually growing these days! LOL Looks like the sonar thingy that we brought from the back to the front might actually be working.

Last, but not least, I hope that you get yourself back on your feet in no time. Take care of yourself!

Claude said...

That cat is just adorable!
And I never knew groundhogs were so cute!

Get better soon! {hugs}