Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I think I have adult ADD or something considering how many tabs I currently have open on my computer - I keep switching between windows and thinking "oh yes, and I should upload the photos and change my banner and check vacation sites and check my bank statement... and on and on and on..." I have a list, but I tend to get caught up doing several things at once, and I loose track of time. My brain tends to wander a lot. And it feels very weird to not have to do anything, officially, by a certain time. It's a bit unnerving, truthfully. I don't think I would be able to stay home full-time. I think I like being "booked", despite how much I complain about it in the moment.

Apparently, season three of the Tudors has already been filmed and aired in it's entirety. I had been anticipating it for so long, but then I guess I got busy with other things and forget to check when it was playing. Well, at least that will keep us busy for a while. I actually prefer to watch episodes back to back rather than waiting an entire week to see what happens next. That was quite torturous with Lost last season, and I presume it will be the same once True Blood starts this week. Bill seems even more sexy this season - I got a little sneak peak on a commercial. There's something about the pale skin, sunken cheeks and fangs that makes him weirdly attractive. And no, please don't compare him to the dude from Twilight. So not on the same level! Anyways, the actor who plays Bill is actually British, go figure, so you know what that means... yes, it just solidifies the new obsession even more... Patrick was complaining the other day that I find too many actors attractive. Sorry babe! You know that I find you the sexiest of them all, right?

My power went off for over an hour today! It's amazing how much we've come to depend on technology. It was actually kind of refreshing to just pick up my journal and my book and sit down to read and write. I was still in my pjs, and it was dark and rainy - the perfect weather to get cozy and do some reflecting. I don't write enough "privately" anymore, because I suppose blogging and scrapbooking have kind of filled most of the need. Whenever I read over things that I've written in the past, however, I am overcome with nostalgia and love for my life (reading good things and bad)... and it makes me long to start writing my story again. I had started writing a story about my high school years, I suppose it's a sort of memoir, but I never finished it. I think I just need to take it up bit by bit every so often, rather than look for big chunks of time where I just sit down and have in my mind that I will write a ton. I read somewhere that that is what a fairly well-known author used to do - she'd get down whatever she could whenever she had the chance in between all the things going on in life. I can't remember who it was - maybe Carol Shields?

Anyways, here is a digi layout I made a few days ago about a field trip I took to the Biodome with "my" class. I figure it's okay to post since you can't see any of the students' faces. I love the shot of all their hands reaching up to the glass to touch the sting-ray (I think it's a sting ray, but I could be wrong...).


Claude said...

I'm reading the Sookie Stackhouse series right now, and I just started watching TrueBlood online. I enjoy the show, but I must admit Bill doesn't do anything for me! ;)

rocklady said...

gorgeous layout ashley, love the colors and cute photos!

famille1999 said...

Cute new banner Ash! And I just love your latest LO. Love the background pp that you chose and love the design with the overlapping pictures. I miss seeing your beautiful creations.

I'm sure that you'll find your groove pretty soon and start enjoying your free time. =)

Ruth said...

As sdomeone thats' home all day....yes it takes focus to achieve stuff,I ahte when I have wasted an entire day doing nothing.

Love your page,you are really rocking the digi stuff !!!

Ruth said...

Mmmm seems I can't spell or proof read today... :)

JulieS said...

Don't fret Ash, we get The Tudors behind the U.K. so Season 3 hasn't aired here yet. I love it too!
Love you page, great use of the digi products. The stitching and dimension amazes me.