Monday, June 22, 2009

Another busy weekend has come and gone. This one blew out his candles on Saturday (well, his actual birthday was on Friday, but we celebrated on Saturday with friends and family).

On Friday I took him to hit golf balls, and then we went out for supper and a comedy show at the AMC with Julie and Ken, which was really good! Then on Saturday we had a supper at my place with my family, his dad and brother, and Nick and Dave. The rain held off and we were actually able to eat outside. It was pretty nice, and we were even able to make a fire later in the evening. The boys were even practicing their superhero skills... they will always be kids at heart, I guess.

In between Patrick's birthday celebrations was Alex's bridal shower. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera battery in the wall charger.... so no photos :( It was super nice, however, and they worked really hard on all the intricate details. The presentation was very nice, and the food was delicious. It was hard not to stuff myself, but I had to save some room for the dinner at home.

Yesterday we went to the cemetery to visit my grandfather's grave. Little did we know that there was actually a celebration going on. There were soldiers and veterans and media people there - I think they said it was the 100th anniversary of the Last Post Fund... or maybe it was the 100th anniversary of the founding of the cemetery... in any case, there was a big thing going on and we happened to arrive at the exact same time. It was kind of cool, actually, because they had little flags over each gravestone in the field of honor.

Today has been a pretty low-key day. I am in much need of getting back to the gym. That's actually where I'm headed very shortly, for the Jukari class. I am feeling better this week, thankfully, so I want to make sure I work out properly. I always feel icky and sluggish when I don't make the time to workout. Anyways, off to do that now...


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick!

I have also left the camera battery in the wall, it sucks!

rocklady said...

sometimes it's better forgetting the camera and enjoying the moment ash!

happy birthday pat, you look exactly the same as when you were a teenager! :)

JulieS said...

A belated happy birthday to Pat - sounds like he had a great weekend. Love your shot of the 3 boys!