Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's been a lazy few days for me! I've mostly been swimming, tanning, reading and working out. I really can't complain. The weather has been great and both pools (mine and Patrick's) are open, so we have our pick. His is hovering around 87 and mine just hit 80 today, so it's either bath water (good for night dips) or refreshing (good for combating the afternoon heat). I love, love, love summer.

I want to get back into the groove of taking photos every day. I think I will do the photo-a-day challenge for July. I've been taking some garden photos here and there and these are some of my favorites so far:

I also saw a free online photo-editing course offered with Jessica Sprague, so I think I might check that out. You can too, here.

I went to Julie's after the gym this evening, to help her tie bows on the wedding favors. I can't believe that the big day is only about a week away!!! The next little while is going to go by in a blur as we have a lot of events and such involving the wedding, plus Pat will be busy moving his friend Dave.

Anyways, it's getting rather late and I need to get to bed so that I can get up early enough to do the spinning class. I still need to get around to filling you all in on my book list! I'll try to do that tomorrow. I'll leave you with a page I did a week or two ago. Goodnight!


Jessica said...

Im jealous you have a pool! You wouldnt believe the heat here, its unbearable!

JulieS said...

You are one talented girl Ash, that layout is gorgeous. Great title treatment and love that your sincere journaling is slightly skewed.
And you know to me, 80 to me is bath water! Our pool is still only about 73!

Barb said...

I love your LO... and that you're going to do a Photo a Day in July. Yay! I'm still hanging in with taking pictures for my P365, although the layouts are way behind. Oh well, I'll get them done eventually. lol

Enjoy the warm weather and the choice of pool temperatures! I'm only a wee bit envious. :P

rocklady said...

lovely flower pics ash, and love your lo, your journalling is so good, great memories eh! :)

Ruth said...

Pool envy here too :)
Love your flower photo's,I've a soft spot for flower pictures :)The layout is lovely too,you really work wonders with the digi stuff.
To answer your mum come no way!!!she's still in bed even when I get back and I can't even get her to come on a long walk because she moans I walk to fast :)