Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well, it's been another very busy week. Here are some pictures from Wednesday. I went to Patrick's for a bit, and then we went shopping for gifts. Here's a picture of his mom's cat, and another pic of the road that I've travelled thousands of times, to get to his house.

I wrote an exam on Thursday, which was so-so, but at least I got to go out with my friends for supper afterwards, at Boccachino's, which was really fun. We had the chance to catch up and get all the scoop on each others' stages. Thanks for a fun time, if you're reading - we'll have to do it again soon. Here's a pic of me with Tania, Mallory and Kristin.

I was also playing around with the camera that night and got a shot of myself snuggled in bed with "Patrick". When I can't have the real thing, I settle for the next best.

Friday, I went to help out at the school where I did my stage, since it was the Christmas concert. They sang really well and it was fun, but I found the concert to be WAY too long for them - they were getting very restless, noisy and hungry, and to make matters worse, the parents and guests were seated at the front of the gym, blocking the view of all the students who had to sit at the back! Anyways, it was good to see everyone again, and when I arrived, they were just getting ready for recess in the hallway, so they swarmed around me and gave me a giant group hug while screaming "Miss Ashley" as if I were a celebrity or something. I felt very loved indeed. I guess it felt to them that I had been gone for ages instead of just a week... I hope I am able to go visit nest semester, but they'll be getting a new student teacher in their class, so I'm sure they're forget me soon (sniff, sniff).

On Friday night, I went to a supper at my boss's place - she was having a little get-together for the girls who work at the daycare. It was really cozy and nice, as it always is, and feels more like a family gathering rather than a work gathering. I bought her a box full of imported teas, and decided that I would alter the box. I used some Making Memories papers and went all out... it was pretty fun to do and she loved it. She's really into antiques, so she loved the vintage style papers. Here's what it looked like.

And here's a picture of the dream team together (Me, June and Zarina).

Patrick slept over on Friday night and we watched our latest obsession:

Really, there's a lot of sex in the show, but overall, its well done, and we're learning history whilst being entertained. Henry is quite bothersome, but oddly lovable at the same time. Pat keeps pretending that he doesn't like it and is only watching because of me, but I think he's hooked.

Last night we went to Darla and Pat's for a crazy fun party! I have tons of pictures to upload, but I think I'm already maxed out in the picture department. I'll have to save them for tomorrow, along with all the photos of the mad baking session that went down this afternoon in my kitchen, which involved preparing 9 log cakes to be distributed to friends who were kind to us when my dad was in the hospital. More on that next blog post - I'm going to bed.


Ruth said...

The 2nd series of the Tudors is a a lot more factual and true...according to my Mum who's a history buff when it comes to that era of history :) I haven't watched it but I could do with a new show now Dexter and Californacation are done.

Jessica said...

I love your Patrick doll! I need to find something named Jonathan.

barb said...

Great photos! I like the one of Pat's mom's cat... and the one of you and Patrick. Although I can't help but think of how incredibly DUH Patrick is in that show... and then that makes me giggle when I'm around real people named Patrick. lol

And yes, I can related to the too-long concert thing... our kids had a great view, but wow, some of them were getting restless by the end of the Christmas assembly at my boys' school on Friday. Last day excitement and all...