Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I worked in daycare today for the first time in over 2 months! It was nice to see the little kiddies again - they have really grown in such a short time. I was worried they would have forgotten me, but most of them (besides the baby) didn't, which made me feel oh so loved. It was also nice to make some money for a change.

Patrick has a new free recording up on his website - it's a sort of meditation that you can listen to when you have a few minutes to yourself to relax. I just did it and it was really nice (and normally it's really hard for me to get into it, but I just switched off the part of my brain that says "no, no..." and went with the nice feelings). So I suggest that you try it here! Click on the little bar with the play button.

Also, I have some new photos for the challenge - various Christmas decorations throughout the house. The lighting has been really crappy but it hasn't stopped me from taking pictures. My mom made this angel several years ago when she was going through the "crafts" phase. Well I think this is still very nice, but there were other things that got out of date pretty fast (like the potpourri and stenciling and such).

Then there's Rudolph who sings and moves his head, while his nose lights up. Yes, I just had to buy this from Hallmark a few years back (after Christmas, mind you, so I got a 50% discount).

And finally, here's our banister all decorated...

Okay, well I'm off to Patrick's to watch The Tudors... I finally convinced Patrick to watch this series with me, and we're starting it tonight.

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