Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm so, so behind on everything! This past week just flew by in a blur, between crafting gifts, the bad weather, teaching, staff parties galore, and everything else... it's been crazy and the days are bleeding together. On Monday I couldn't start my car, so my brother ended up pushing me out of the drive way and on to the street, so I could take my mom's car that was behind mine. What fun that was! It was a good thing it was a ped-day and it didn't matter what time I got there. We had a welcome-back breakfast for the principal, and it was a pretty laid-back day. That also happened to be the lovely day that it was -30, ick! Later that day, I found out that my car's battery was completely finished. My dad called the tow-truck to bring it to the garage...

On Tuesday, Patrick and I went to Le Chateau with our 50% off coupons (from Julie's mom) and got some nice shirts. When we left, though, we barely made it out of the parking lot, there was so much snow... we made it back, thankfully, and watched the hockey game together. Then Pat had the idea of making origami birds for all the kiddies in my class, so he taught me how to do it, and we did a LOT of folding, but it was worth it!

Then on Wednesday was the giant ice/snow storm, and I was so sure that school would be cancelled, but they made us go in. It took a good 45 minutes of shoveling and scraping to get out of the driveway. We couldn't even open our doors at first because of all the ice - we had to use wall-paper applicators because the scrappers were, of course, inside of our cars... gotta love winter in Canada! Wednesday night was the staff party for the library at Villa Bella. We did a fun gift exchange and our boss was nice enough to get us all gifts. I really wasn't impressed with the food, the prices, or the service at the restaurant though, and I will definitely NOT be going back there ever again.

Thursday... nothing much to document about that day except frantically trying to finish up my gifts, card-making and wrapping for my students and teachers.

Friday was my last day of stage and it was really hard to leave. The kids caught on that I wouldn't be back anymore and they were getting a little clingy and emotional right from the start of the day. A few kids even brought me some gifts (chocolate, some soaps and such, and pjs). I gave them their presents in the afternoon and they really liked them. Actually, I think the boys liked them more than the girls did, but Pat was like "duh" because he had tapped into his inner six-year old to think of something he would have loved at that age. I also personalized all the birdies and made them into ornaments so they could hang them on their trees, and I gave them some stickers too. I managed to get a good group shot, which makes me very happy, but I can't post it here. That day at lunch, my teacher organized a meal for all the student teachers, which was really nice of her. In the end, I had a really positive experience at that school, and my CT gave me a great evaluation! I will be going back to help out with the Christmas concert next Friday, so I will see them all again soon.

Friday evening I went to get highlights in my hair... and after that Pat and I had a very relaxed evening - we made soup and sandwiches and watched a movie. And totally predictably, I passed out half-way through it... I am tired just from writing everything that happened this week, so no wonder I was so worn out. Oh and I also worked this weekend. So I am very low on energy at the moment.

Oh and I must not forget that my wonderful, thoughtful boyfriend got me a gift for finishing stage. It's actually a kind of early Christmas present, since he knows I will use it (them) a lot. He got me a wide-angle lens and a zoom lens!! Score! They are the kind that attach on to my already existing lens. I've had a little fun with them already but I will have to wait to go somewhere with good light before I can use them in their full glory. And before he gave them to me, he told me how hard I've worked, and how he knows I'm going to be an amazing teacher... sniffy, sniff... isn't he great?!

Okay, so this was WAY too much rambling. But I have been doing the photo-a-day challenge. And here is the proof.

The things that keep my feet nice and cozy.

Here's a gift-basket that my mom prepared for friends. It has a bottle of Vodka, some martini glasses, a blueberry mix, and some cocktail recipe cards that I made.

This is from the sushi dinner that Patrick and I had not last Friday but the one before. The photo kinda sucks but you get the idea.

Here's a photo of our upstairs Christmas tree that sits in the bay window.

A photo of my car about to be towed to the garage (but in the end, the guy was able to start it, so my dad just drove it there).

A few from my front door after the day of the storm.

The new mug I got from the library gift-exchange --- love it!

One of the origami birds we made... there were 20 more...

The card that I made for my cooperating teacher.

A view of our back deck.

Me, decorating the tree.

Okay so this is officially the longest blog post ever. But I had to get everything down before it's forgotten. Cheers, and have a great week everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to document on a day to day basis now that I have more time.


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Great to hear from ya even if I'm sorry that you had some car trouble. At least you know that you'll be ok on that level for the rest of the winter with a brand spanking new battery! :) Love your pictures. You are too cute with your new bangs! I don't think there will be much left of all that snow that we got last week with today's rain. :(

Ruth said...

That is a busy week.

Those little origami birds are adorable,what cute little gifts for your class.