Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Only a few days until Christmas, my oh my... so here's what's going on with me, in list form, because it's way easier.

1. Darla and Pat's party on Saturday night - that was really fun. We ended up dancing and laughing and taking tons of incriminating photos and got home at 3 am. I wasn't expecting that, but it had been a long time since we saw that gang and really had a good time, so it's all good. Pat also bonded with the guys, so it was all good! Here are some pictures from that event, mostly non-edited, because at this point, I just can't be bother much.
2. Sunday I woke up at noon, can you believe it?! And sadly, I felt hung-over, even though I'd only had 2 or 3 glasses of wine. What's that about? Talk about a cheap drunk... anyways, my mom decided that we were going to bake Christmas logs for all the people who brought us food and stuff while my dad was in the hospital. So that amounted to 9 cakes, which was insanity, but somehow we pulled through and delivered most of them later that night. Everyone was all surprised and very appreciative, which was nice and really put us in the Christmas spirit.

3. Yesterday was the day that I had no choice but to finish up my Christmas shopping. Yah, I wasn't really prepared for the -30 degree blowing winds... I had on only a t-shirt and my short fall jacket, thinking I would get too hot in the stores. Except, some really special thinker came up with the concept of the dix30, what with all its outlets that one must walk to, outside in the blistering cold - genius! Anyways, whilst I was rolling my cart filled with bags to the very end of the Walmart parking lot, I really thought for a few moments that my fingers would fall off (as I had opted to not bring in my mitts, since I had a small purse with me). I could not move them to open to unlock my car door... Not a lot of logical thinking was going on yesterday. But I did manage to buy all the needed gifts, so yay for me.

4. Rested by Pat's fire for a good hour in the late afternoon, which was nice, and then came home later on and watched the Tudors. Did I mention we get obsessed with shows once we start a new series? Can't wait to see what happens to Catherine of Aragon... it's some intense stuff going on!

5. I'm wrapping gifts today. Well, I haven't started that yet because I'm still blogging and surfing the Internet. But I will be wrapping and cleaning and working out, and just maybe, baking some shortbread cookies.

6. I am all inspired to make jewelry with some letter stampers that I've found on eBay. They are sooooo cool. It's like scrapbooking on metal, I love it. We haven't ordered them yet but I really want them.

7. I've gotta start my day now, it's getting a bit ridiculous. So cheers!


famille1999 said...

Oh man, I hate Dix30 in the winter time! No, I just don't hate it in the winter but also when it's raining, when it's 35 degrees hot too... I'm not a big fan of that concept even if there are a few good stores and restaurants there. LOL

Best wishes to you and your family at Christmas time! I hope that you enjoy yourselves! Any plans with your buddies Julie & Alex?

Take care!

Jessica said...

oh my, your fingers! I feel for them!

merry christmas!

Barb said...

Wow, you were soooooo busy leading up to Christmas! I hope you had a chance to relax after all that. :)