Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday already?!! I'm savouring the morning and procrastinating on the Internet because soon I will have to delve into the abyss of school work. Reading week is coming to an end, and I must say, it didn't involve much fun, it was mostly work! What's more, when I go back to school, there are lots of group projects and invididual projects waiting to be started. I seriously cannot wait for this semester to be over!

Yesterday I went to Scrapbook Centrale to get my racks! I will show you a picture of my newly organized scrap space when I have enough light in my basement to take a decent one. I thought I would venture into the store, purchase the racks, and be on my way, but of course I got side-tracked by some new American Crafts papers, ribbons, chipboard shapes, and letter stickers. They were just soooooooo cute that I had no choice but to buy them (picture of that to follow as well). Patrick was such a patient and understanding boyfriend, I have to thank him for that. But we've been informed that after SC moves, they will be right next to a sports store, so it will be a lot better for him.

Anyways, I'll leave you with these. Here's a picture of the ridiculous heaps of snow in my backyard. Yes, that's my shed back there.

And here is a thank you card I made for my mom to give to someone who helped use tremendously while my dad was in the hospital - he let us park in his drive way for free every single day for over a month and a half!

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