Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In exciting news, I went to the Foo Fighters concert with Prevost on Monday night!! Totally awesome. They are really such great performers, and Dave Grohl is quite the entertainer. He really knows how to work the audience; he kept telling us fun stories, and that we were the best audience of the whole tour... So cool!

In less exciting news, I've been having a lot of pressure headaches lately, so I went to the doctor today. She thinks they're stress related, but still, I will go for blood tests to be extra safe. In the meantime, I have a hard time concentrating, which is annoying because I have a lot of school assignments due.

Did I ever mention how much group work SUCKS? Okay, I'm not talking about when I'm working with amazing people (aka Language Arts hommies), I'm talking about working with people who don't even go to class, don't respond to emails, then blame everything on you when you say that they have to contribute something if they want to actually be part of the group and get a mark. Enough said - I've vented about it way too much. I need LESS stress and MORE peaceful moments...

In somewhat entertaining yet weirdo daycare news, we've had some exhibitionism and voyeurism going on, ha ha. Nothing too serious, but you've gotta kinda wonder... At least I wasn't the one present when it happened.

Okay, going to eat supper. Cheers.

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