Saturday, March 8, 2008

I've been a bad blogger this week, but the reason is that I've been really busy with school, and I haven't been taking many photos either (tsk, tsk, I know).

So the Plattsburgh trip on Wednesday had to be cancelled on account of all the nasty snow/ice we received - I was so disappointed. However, we did end up scrapbooking at Alex's house that day, so I can't complain too much. I really don't know why I don't make more of an effort to bring my camera to crops, however. It always seems to slip my mind, probably because I'm too busy packing my supplies and pre-planning layouts. However, I can show you pictures of the layouts that I made that day (although maybe a little later since I haven't taken pictures of them yet, and it's dark in my basement right now). I'm actually surprised that I got anything done at all because for the past few crops, I've had NO inspiration. Not that I'm not happy to be with my friends, it's just that I seem very dependent on my own "zone".

Work today - ugh. Hopefully nobody will want to go to the library on a day like this, with an approaching snow storm. Right??!! I picture a quiet, relaxed afternoon of chatting with my mom and Julie, browsing the SC site, sipping coffee and choosing books for myself. Please say it will be so! It will actually be weird for me to go back to work since I haven't been there in a month. When I was scheduled to work last time, I got a gastro... I hope I haven't forgotten the new system too much.

Well, time to train my arms, upper back and chest. Must do it now before I run out of time or lose inspiration. But I will leave you with a recent layout. I'm not sure how I feel about the design (and it's slightly crooked here) but I do know that the photo and journaling mean the world to me, so in the end that's all that should matter.


Jessica said...

No wonder you want to travel to Calgary!

The new store is coming along. Lots of work, I never realized how many different papers we have! We have all new wood shelving, it looks great.A few new paper lines are already there, and more will be on the way.
Ill see you there! (one exit closer to you!)

Jessica said...

OK just got back from the store today, when we open on Thursday, we won't have a lot of the new stuff yet. So don't worry about running over. Every week we will get more and more...