Monday, July 9, 2007

So, I've FINALLY started my own blog after many months of contemplation. YAY! I was a little apprehensive for a while, what with people knowing very personal info about my life, but I mean, I'm on facebook all the time, so having a blog can't be much worse. I also love what other people in the scrapbooking community are doing with their blogs - it just looks too fun to pass up! And not to mention, blogging will help me get into the groove of writing more often. I've asked one of my closest friends if she would consider making a blog as well, and she said she might. I really hope so, because I at least need somebody on my list of friends, lol.

Well, it's Sunday night and I'm off to work tomorrow at the daycare. I don't normally work on Mondays, but I'm replacing somebody all day. I don't mind because I could use the extra money. And not to mention, my job is great. The kids (well, okay, most of the kids) are amazing; so well-behaved, smart, cute, fun to play with... I could go on and on for a long time. And because it's a home daycare, I get a 2 hour break while the kids nap, during which I am free to do what I please while still getting paid. Normally I spin, because my "boss" (I only put the quotation marks because I hardly consider her a boss, she's more like a friend) has a bike. I love working out on break - it totally boosts my energy for the rest of the day and I have it out the way, leaving my evenings free to hang out with my boyfriend Patrick.

Alright, I've blabbed all this time without even mentioning that this past weekend was a lot of fun - we went up to my friend Julie's cottage, which is on a small, peaceful lake. What a great escape for a few days - it was so nice to sleep in, then go out on the pedalo and kayaks for a few hours. We also went for a walk down to the other lake and along the way, snapped about a million photos... the guys were getting so annoyed, but for the most part, Patrick was a great sport, as he always is during photo shoots. In the evening we went into Tremblant for the Blues Fest, and we ran into a fellow scrapper, Jessica, whom we know from our LSS. What a small world! All in all, it was a great weekend. The only downside was that I ate terribly - probably put on a pound or two. I don't know what it is about her cottage, but every time I'm there, I overly hungry, and always indulge. Maybe it's the country air... then there's the traditions we must always follow, like getting a beaver tail in Tremblant, and getting fries and MacDonald's ice cream on the way home. But I will report that this year, we DIDN'T succumb to beaver tails or ice cream. Oh well, all the crappy eating just gives me more incentive to work it all off this week. I must be REALLY good these next 2 weeks, because I leave for Cuba in 2 Sundays, and must look sensational in the numerous bikinis I have purchased.

Alright, enough for tonight. Cheers mates. Well I don't actually know who is reading this... I'll make Patrick go read it so I least know that somebody loves me :)


Pat said...

Hello Ashley,

Beautiful page!
I hope to see more in the near future!

Jewels said...

Hi there. Decided to leave you a comment (finally!).

I really like the design of your blog. I'll try to start one soon :)

Isabelle said...

Hey Ash, i just noticed on the SC forum that you now had a blog and decided to come check it out. LOL! you made me laugh with your comment about the "friends list" well you can add me to your list if you want.

Isabelle (aka Sabel)