Saturday, July 14, 2007

New hair cut!

Today I got a cute new hair cut and streaks, and am quite happy with it. Went to a posh salon, and my hairdresser was super nice and really, really good. The hairdresser's daughter is coming to our daycare in the fall, so it is a nice connection to be developing. I do think that it was rather pricey... wasn't too impressed with that, since I had been told by friends that it would be way cheaper. But in the end I'm happy with it, so I suppose I should just focus on the positive! Here's what it looks like:

Yes, I am aware that I am not writing proper sentences - don't care at this late hour of the night. My brain is not functioning at full capacity, nor is my spell check. Thankfully there is a spellcheck built into this blog :) I am also not a pro yet at arranging my photos properly. Hopefully I will learn more as I go along.

Pat and I got Benny poutine for supper (so bad, yet so, so good...) then watched a movie called "Scoop", directed by Woody Allen. It was actually quite good I thought. Scarlet Johansen did a really great job with her character.

Tomorrow we are celebrating my dad's birthday; my mom is preparing a huge feast, as she always does for special occasions. I hope the weather is nice so that we can eat outside. Made my dad a simple card that I hope he will appreciate (he doesn't really GET the whole scrapbooking thing). I made the card REALLY quickly because I had a lot to do... my room was a huge mess, as was my scrap table, and it was driving me absolutely mental. I just lose so much creativity when there is junk everywhere and I can't find what I'm looking for. Anyways, here is the card, nothing super amazing.
In a few days it's my parents' 25th wedding anniversary and the "big reveal" of the album I have been making for them. It's a 12x12 and I've done about 15 pages as of yet... let me tell you, that's a lot of work! I hope to do another few layouts to finish it off, but it's really time-consuming to have to scan each photo and then meticulously photoshop every little blurry detail. But it will all be worth it in the end to see their reaction.

Alright, off to bed finally! I think I have been avoiding my bed because I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately (I think I'm just really anxious about Cuba). I hope I am tired enough tonight to fall into a super deep sleep, and not wake up for a good8 hours. Goodnight!

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