Friday, July 20, 2007

It's been a while

I wanted to update my blog more frequently than once a week, but I guess I just got caught up with other things. A big apology to my fanclub.

Patrick and I saw Harry Potter on Monday - great movie! I just LOVED the portrayal of Umbridge... her office is the greatest thing ever, with the cat plates... lol... Yes, the movie was really "packed" with stuff, and yes, there were a lot of details missing compared to the book, but overall I still think it was really good. It got me all worked up for the release of #7 (tomorrow!).

Gave my parents their wedding anniversary album on Tuesday night, and here is the reaction (these are pretty crappy photos). I didn't add the ones where my mom is crying because she would kill me (her makeup is running down her face and all). Don't you just love the beer bottle in my dad's hands...

In other news, Wednesday I went to the West Island with Julie and Stephanie to meet Michelle for lunch. First we went to SC, it was Steph's first time and just as we suspected, she was in awe of the amount of stuff there is, lol. We will convert her, damn it! I keep telling her she is a scrapbooker at heart - she already makes super creative journals with bits of paper and doodling, she has stamps, and even an embosser - come on! If that's a not a natural, I don't know, I just don't know. Poor Michelle was probably bored out of her mind in the store, since all she had to buy was double-sided tape. Julie and I tried to speed things up a bit for her sake, and also for the sake of our wallets. I bought some gorgeous MME Tres Jolie paper (I am so in awe of what the design team did with that pp this month) and this cool minibook that I will make into an agenda for school. For lunch we went to Rockaberry's - it was sooooo goood! I can't believe the amount of restaurants on the West Island, it's amazing. And they're all really good, unlike the South Shore. All the more reason to move out there in the future. Anyways, we had a great time - some good x-rated conversations, lol, and lots of laughs. Thanks for all the fun girls!

Oh and of course I must thank Steph for giving my ipod a dream makeover! She is the queen of music and playlists! She added probably like 1500, maybe even 2000, songs to my ipod, and made me another awesome playlist! I am so happy! Thanks Steph, I really appreciate it.

Yesterday at work, I helped June gut the kid's library/arrival room- it's being completely redone and I'm so excited. She ordered these adorable shelves in the shape of dollhouses, and she might also order a new table. It' s going to be soooo cute, I can't wait to see it. In other renovation news, I can't express how delighted I am that Patrick's parents FINALLY threw out their shuddy (is that even a word? if not it should be) basement couch (which I'm positive had bugs or mites or something), and the new couch arrives Saturday. Also, Cindy (Pat's sister) is painting her room and has ordered this gorgeous bedroom set, but I won't see that until we get back from vacation. So I have a lot of reno surprises for when I get back, yay!!

Haha... just have to tell this one daycare highlight of the week: Victor pooed on the grass!! I didn't actually see it as it was occuring, but June's daugther was eating at the table right beside him and witnessed the whole thing (gag!). He had been in his bathing suit and June took it off before taking him inside to change him. We figured he wouldn't poo again, since I cleaned him up just that morning... but alas, he took a ginormous dump that June needed to scoop with the dog shovel. HAHAHAHA! Can't say that daycare isn't entertaining.

Okay, this post is getting ridiculously long, but I'm still not done with the updates. Yesterday I had my nails done (acrylic) and I had my first pedicure ever - it was so great. I just don't know why I've never had one before?! Pat was all impressed with how put together I am for the trip(had my hair done, my eyebrows, my bikini line, and now my nails). I'm living like a posh gal, lol. Here's a pic of my nails:

Today I'm doing laundry and starting to pack! I'm also making playlists and working out. Must get all my stuff together before Sunday. It's very exciting!!!!

Okay, enough blabbing for now. Cheers

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