Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter in full swing

So much for my resolution to update the blog once or twice a week. I think I was just a little gung-ho when I put that list together. Ahh, good intentions. I guess I have been pre-occupied with other things, such as:

- Getting financial stuff organized (new accounts, transfers and such... fun stuff)
- Replacing my car battery
- Working a lot (report cards, k screening, and portfolios all due soon)
- Obsessing about finding a house/condo (MLS every night)
- Watching the Pacific (as usual, HBO does not disappoint)
- Hunting down and finally purchasing our perfect dining room chairs (ignore all the crap in the background)

- Attempting to find a new winter jacket (no luck so far)
- Shoveling a crap-load of snow
- Sending lots of positive energy to my uncle who is battling pancreatic cancer :(
- Going on field trips with my class, like this place
- Reading this book
- Having drinks with colleagues
- Going to Darla and Pat's wedding (so much fun)!!

So there you have it, a brief peak into my world at the moment. I am going to unwind now, maybe watch a movie or catch up on my book. I need lots of rest for the upcoming week as another field trip is in store! Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Like the chair! Good choice!


Nathalie said...

I LOVE that chair!! Great design. :) And lots of +++ for your uncle. Take care and good luck in your search of the perfect place.