Sunday, January 16, 2011

Currents+Brain Stew

listening: the sound of my printer
eating: nothing yet today
drinking: OJ and coffee to come
wearing: sweats and a roxy sweater
feeling: groggy, confounded, apprehensive
weather: light snow and sunshine
wanting: to stretch my sore muscles
needing: a new pair of winter boats if I can't fix the zipper on my old ones
thinking: about too many things at once
enjoying: having today off
wondering: will we get approved for a mortgage? how much can we really afford?

When words are slow and clumsy (though my mind is racing a million miles) I turn to this quick and simple list to capture the moment.

We have been looking at condos, townhouses, houses.... we have been dreaming. We have been making budgets and check-lists and overwhelming ourselves just a tad (okay, it's more me, not him). We are conjuring up scenarios, tweaking different variables, all to see what is do-able, what is comfortable and affordable. It is so very scary to think that all the savings I've worked so hard towards will soon be "gone" and then we'll be locked into a long period of debt. I know I can't think like that. Everyone is in the same boat, everyone has to tackle it. Gotta shift the frame of mind and accept it. Just do it, just give in and know that it's okay.

I know I need to slow down, take breaks, pace myself, and then it will seem more manageable.

Today I would like to go outside and take pictures of the way the sun is reflecting off the snowbanks. I would like to take a walk. I would like to scrapbook. I would like to spend fewer hours in front of this screen.

Happy Sunday!

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