Tuesday, February 22, 2011

100th Day

Guess what? We celebrated the 100th day of school today! I wanted to share some art that my students made. The task was to draw what they look like today and then imagine what they'll look like at 100. I was very pleased with the improvements they made with their self-portraits, since at the beginning of the year it was quit a challenging task. I made a template first, and then modeled how to draw each feature, one at a time. If you let them do it completely independently, in whatever order, I find they tend to make the head way too small and then forget to add detail. We went verrrry slowly. I think they did an amazing job, if I do say so myself. I find them hilarious, actually. The cotton adds a certain charm, no? Ahhh, nothing like kinder-art!

We are more than half-way through the year, which I find hard to believe. 100th day of last year literally feels like it could have been a week ago. Am I in some kind of time warp!? Time really flies. March break is looming in the distance, not far off now... Only two more teaching days, parent-teacher interviews and a Ped-day until my brother's birthday and then a mini -trip to Burlington. So very psyched. I am pretty drained lately, fighting off colds constantly and really busy with both jobs... Some R&R is definitely just what I need. And shopping of course ;) Hopefully even some antique hunting, just for fun. It's not like I have anywhere to store it, but I would resort to cramming something in the corner of my bedroom if I found "the" piece. So if you know of any good places around the area, please let me know!

What else, what else? I bought these boots:

I waited for them to go on sale and they were so worth it. I was doubting myself a bit right after my purchase but since then, have gotten tons of compliments at work. I guess I made the right choice after al. Funny how I am so influenced by external feedback. Silly, really, but I can't deny that it helps to solidify decisions.

I had every intention of writing a longer post but it's 5 pm already, so I need to force myself to workout or else I will crash very soon. Have a good night!

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