Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two posts in one weekend?! Shocker.

It's Sunday morning. The sun is out. I do not have to work. Patrick and I are going on a "date" today. Life is good!

Yesterday, my mom and I went to a L'Oreal warehouse sale, which was absolute madness, but worth it for some very good finds. It was invitation only, meaning you had to have a card from someone or somewhere (normally a company, from what I understand). I hadn't mentally prepared myself for the crazy lines, however. It was like the La Senza sales, only more compacted. We waited outside in line for about forty minutes, and then pushed our way around once we finally got inside. I managed to get some makeup for very cheap (mascara and eyeshadow for 4$, lipgloss for 2$) and a huge bottle of cologne that both Pat and my uncle wear for only 18$. So that was very good. I had completely had it when we left that place, however. It's so draining to be in a huge, pushy crowd like that.

And a message to parents out there: please have enough sense to not let your toddler run up hills that are next exit ramps to highways whilst you turn your back the other way arguing on your cell phone! Thank you. What is WRONG with people? There was a man yesterday doing just that while we waited in line. The kid actually did dart out into the road, and only then did the man bother running to grab him and pull him by the arm down the hilll, then throw him into the car, all the while still talking on his cell phone. I really think people should have to pass a test to become parents...

Anyhow, we did make a quick stop at the scrappy store before going home. I wasn't going to go all the way out there and not stop for some tape runner and glue, which I really needed. Oh, and somehow, some Cosmo Cricket Christmas papers and chipboard ended up in my basket... It was this mainly that I couldn't resist.

I really wasn't really planning on spending 50$ but man does it ever add up fast. I can't get over what an expensive hobby it really is. I justify that I will make a very cute Christmas mini-album, so it's worth it. But I am so glad that I don't live very close to that store, or else it could be dangerous.

Anyways, I should get started on lesson planning for next week, and making sure I have all my marks together. I tackled most of the portfolio stuff already, because I actually find them fun. It's like making a giant scrapbook filled with my students' work, so right up my alley. I hope you all have a great day - enjoy the gorgeous sunshine. Cheers.


rocklady said...

very cute sheet ash, and doesn't it even add up quickly eh, i went on sunday to pick up an a.c. album i ordered and ended up spending $100 on mainly cardstock, tape runners, the album of course and a few sheets of pp! an expensive hobby we are addicted too, but i still love it.

Barb said...

Aaaah, I'm glad I didn't see that sheet of embellishments at MY lss or else I would have bought it too. :P

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Miss your blog... but it seems I don't have as much time to read these days anyway. I do keep coming back to see what you're up to. Thanks for reading mine from time to time. :)