Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Sunday night and I've tried to have a very productive day. Here are some things that were checked off my to-do list:

- Officially set-up Etsy store and put up first item. You can check it out, finally, here.
- Installed Photoshop CS3 on my computer.
- Vacuumed basement.
- Tidied room.
- Worked out.
- Went for a walk and got some sun.
- Started covering the books I bought yesterday (I went a little crazy in the kid's section at Indigo).

Here is what I still have left to do:

- Clean and back-up computer.
- Install Word 2007.
- Finish covering books.
- Photocopy resource books.
- Lesson planning for various themes.
- Work on portfolio.
- Buy eye drops, mascara, labels, computer paper and loose leaf.

Guess what? I also caved and bought some digi kits from the Designer Digitals site. While my dearest man was watching his hockey last night, I produced this:

Also, I'm going to Burlington tomorrow with Julie and Alex - yes!! I'm so excited about that, even though I have to wake up at the regular time (6:45). Hopefully we will eat at my favorite restaurant ever, The Olive Garden.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, here are some of the books I bought yesterday:


Anonymous said...

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Ruth said...

The Dr Seuss books are very popluar in the English library,even the grade 5's still take them out !

Glad you got the Etsy store set up.Love your digi page Ash,looks wonderful....I couldn't put that book down either,it even made me cry !

Have fun in Burlington and in getting the rest of your things to be done,done.