Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, yesterday I came down with something and let me tell you that it's not fun at all. I had a really bad fever and kept burning up, and then a few moments later, would feel like I was freezing. I also had (and still have) a major headache. I woke up a few times in the middle of the night and had no clue how I would manage to make it to the career fair, but I did, somehow. Thankfully all my normal classes were cancelled today so I just drove downtown, went in and met with the school board that I'm interested in, and then left. I was okay during that time, but now I'm feeling icky again. I don't know if I'll be able to make it to class or work tomorrow. I have to just take it easy for now. I am weak and light-headed, and just "blah" all around.

I miss Patrick so much too, but hopefully I will see him very late tonight (if I am well enough to go and pick him up at the autopark).

Anyways, I did manage to take some more photos of jewelry, and here they are:


Jessica said...

The jewelery looks great, so professional. You guys are very talented.

Barb said...

Gorgeous pieces... wow! I'm so impressed.

Take good care of yourself and get well soon.

Ruth said...

Oh yuck,my boys had that the other week,seems it's going around :(

Take care of yourself.

Claude said...

Take care of yourself!

Love the jewelry!

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

I hope that you get better real quick! Big hugs! Great looking pieces. I really love the butterfly. You make me wish I was a silver person! LOL

Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better ashley, love the butterfly.


Katherine said...

Get well soon missy!

Your jewellery is stunning, love the ring that stone is beutiful!