Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am pretty well forcing myself to write this because I am so tired and not in the mood and my right side is aching (when I am overtired and stressed my shoulder/back injury acts up), but I need to get back into the groove of things. Stage is going really well so far - my cooperating teacher is the perfect match for me. She is exactly what I want to be like - very organized, prepared well in advance for things, great with the students, etc. I have nothing to complain about except that I am not yet adjusted to the schedule and haven't been getting enough sleep.

Other than that, this is my current TV obsession. Ah, HBO, how wonderful you continue to be. "True Blood" is from the same person who created "Six Feet Under). Love, love, love this show. The vampire romance is what has really got me, and not in the Twilight way (there is actually depth and history to these vampires that is very much in line with all the Vampire Masquerade games). Anyways, if you're into vampires, love stories, and a hint of comedy thrown in, I highly suggest it. That's all for now. Cheers.


Ruth said...

I couldn't get in this series,maybe i'm too old :) !!!

I am loveing the altered states of you seent hat one ? It's different.

Glad your stage is going well.

Claude said...

I'll look into that, thanks for the info!

Ruth said...

OK,I just re read my comment and it looks like I'm completely illiterate !! I must earn to re read before I hit comment or learn to type !