Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well it's been super freezing these past few days (minus 30 with the wind). After fearing my fingers and toes would fall off yesterday morning during the dreaded walk to school, I decided to take my car this morning. Granted, there was traffic, mostly getting onto the bridge and again getting off the express-way, but other than that, it wasn't so bad. I even found parking right on the same street as my building, free parking too!! I was so happy - that is until I went back to my car after class and had a ticket, issued only 3 minutes before I actually arrived on the scene... grrrr! The parking sign was rather ambiguous if you ask me, but I guess I shouldn't have taken a chance. Needless to say that I'll have to tough out the cold for the next little while. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as bad.

I've been doing a lot of reading for school... not sure how I'll be able to juggle it all once the actual assignments start in the next week or so, but somehow I guess I'll manage. I worked in daycare on Tuesday and today as well, to earn a little extra money, which is much needed to pay off the credit card bill from Christmas.

My classes in school keep leading to rather heated debates about ethical issues, as well as the new Ethics and Religious Culture part of the QEP. One of my professors is great - really witty, to the point, and in your face, but in a good way that makes you really question things and form opinons one way or the other. There are many very interesting points coming up - I find myself actually wanting to discuss and state my opinions, which is a rather new role for me as I am normally more reserved and shy. I guess I am feeling more comfortable, especially being around a good group of friends who allow me to express myself. Often times, in certain family situations, I feel like I just have to smile and nod while listening to others rant, so this is a nice alternative.

In other news, here's the card that I made for Patsy's birthday. I was able to take a lot of photos of cards and layouts over the last few days.

And here are a few new-ish layouts.


Jessica said...

Stupid parking ticket, on the bright side, your fingers didnt fall off.

When you have a chance, give twilight a chance, I think youll like it.

Claude said...

Oh, too bad for the ticket! :(

Dress warm for the next few days!

Barb said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about your parking ticket! :S

I read the part about being busy with school and stuff, and wow, it seems like ages ago since I was a student. I hope you're doing okay, juggling the demands of your course load and your part-time job.

And hey, I LOVE seeing your creative work here... I love that card and your two pages. I'm glad you're still finding a bit of time to create.

Ruth said...

Always nice to see your pages.I also have a layout I've not posted using those papers from the BG Ambrosia line,love,love that collection and I haven't siad that about BG for a long time !!

Sorry to hear about the parking ticket.

Katherine said...

Gorgeous layouts, and the mini book you did for your mum was stunning she must have been thrilled!!!

Re. The ticket totally complain!!

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