Monday, November 19, 2007

Not too much to say this morning - I'm still in my pj's and am being incredibly lazy since I don't actually have to go to school or work today. I should be working out or reading my Math book, but it's so much funner to browse the Internet for anything and everything. I plan on going clothes shopping this afternoon because I've reached one of those "I have absolutely no good clothes anymore" type of stages... It's true though, a lot of my clothes I've had since the end of high school, and they have sadly reached the end of their life. Plus, I'm trying to buy "adult" clothes, which is really hard for me. I am always drawn to bright colors and patterns that are much too teeny-bopper. I have to remember that I am 23 now!! But I still love Roxy....

Since Patrick had made plans with Dave for a guy's weekend, I decided to make my own plans with girlfriends. On Friday night I went to Alex's to scrapbook. Yup, got the tour of the new house, so gorgeous! Unfortunately, I wasn't very productive or inspired, however, which came as surprise becuase I had shopped at SC that very afternoon and had a bunch of new products and page ideas. Sometimes I guess I just need to be in my own space.

Other than that, I worked at the library all weekend, so nothing exciting there. No exciting stories this time, sorry to disappont. The he-she was there briefly, but didn't have any kind of breakdown. It was a pretty laid-back weekend.

Alright, I should stop procrastinating and face the day! But I'll leave you with some recent scrapbooking layouts:

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