Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend meanderings

I am going to avoid discussion of the extremely stressful, exciting, overwhelming week that just came to pass. I will put it on hold until more news can be shared, until this state of limbo clears.

It is Sunday morning, wet and dreary. The air is colder than it has been all season. The light feels like it is fading, along with summer. I am still hoping for a last little wave of heat, but some part of me knows that it is time to give it up. It is passing and new things are to come, appealing in their own ways. The time of year is not entirely unpleasant. I am reminded that we are fortunate to have four distinct seasons, each with different wonders to offer. How bland it would seem to have one continuous weather pattern for the whole year.

I am a few minutes away from a workout. I am not in the mood to do it, but I will. I know I will feel better afterwards. I am already sore from asking Patrick to train me yesterday; muscles I had not targeted in a good while are complaining. I am reminded how important it is to incorporate personalized workouts, accustomed to my strengths and weaknesses, rather than only doing generalized group programs. I keep telling Pat that he may as well be a personal trainer as well, he is so good at it.

It has occurred to me that I never shared photos of my adventures from last weekend. We had a nice time with Brad and Nadine - it had been waaaay too long! They were great hosts and their new doggie, Penny, was a real treat. It's too bad I didn't end up getting a picture of her. I did manage to snap a few shots while we were touring the Gatineau mountains and visiting the Mackenzie King estate. That was pretty interesting to see, especially the pieces of architecture that he managed to salvage and incorporate into the scene. Pretty avant-guard for his times.

Alright, well, I'm off. First Sunday I'm home in a while, so I'm going to appreciate it.

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