Friday, August 13, 2010

Rambly Stuff

So I probably should be doing productive things right now, such as printing out my CV and cover letter and planning the travel route to all the schools I will be visiting next week... BUT, it's so much more fun and inspiring to blog hop. I get lost in cyber-space for hours. I try to make it at least productive by saving all inspiring images to certain files (wedding, decor, etc) - I am amassing little bits as I go, for the future. I really do need to learn how to use Tumblr effectively.

I will get to that knitty-gritty stuff. It's almost done anyways, just needs to be tweaked once and for all. Made official, all spiffed up since last year, with the added info of the lovely job I've had for the past school year. Some days it feels like eons ago, truly. I wonder how my little ones are doing. I do miss them, when I let my mind wander back to teacher mode.

I told Patrick the other day that it's funny how I don't necessarily remember scenes from movies until I'm watching them again. I watched Bridget Jones on the plane last week, and though I hadn't seen it in years and wouldn't have been able to recite it very well to anyone, as it played I could recount full scenes, even dialogue very accurately. So strange. I kinda feel like I've forgotten how to be a teacher this summer as well, but Patrick assures me it's contextual, that it will all come back to me when I need it, just like with movies. I do hope so. I hate the anxiousness of not knowing where I will be in a few short weeks. I wish it was simple and I could just go back to the same grade, the same room, the same school, with the same lovely bunch of people. But all that will change.
Ah scrapbooking, what a lovely reflective hobby, is it not? Yesterday I hung out with my favorite girlies Julie and Alex. We had brunch out, then went to Julie's for some much-overdue scrapbooking time together. I worked on my mini-album from the trip out west. It's almost done. And, I finally got my camera back, so I might take some photos of it and share them. It's been so long since I've photographed any of my layouts.

This week I've worked out like a mad-woman and it feels great. I've done tons of spinning, heavy lifting in 5-fit, and yoga in between. There is nothing like the post-exercise endorphin release. I am glad that both Patrick and I have chosen to lead healthy, fit lives.

This weekend, tomorrow, we are going to visit some friends in Ottawa. I am looking forward to the open road with my man, the tunes, and spending time with good people we haven't seen in way too long. Last time we went, we had a great time browsing the market and stores, visiting the beach near their house, playing games, and just catching up in general. I know this time will be just the same.

This season has been wonderful, full, swollen with life. I feel incredibly satisfied, lucky. I love, love, lover summer. I am grateful for so much.

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