Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time keeps rolling by...

I actually gave my post a title today, yay me! Again, the blog maintenance is not up to par, but what can I say. I've been committed to other things, though, like working out a lot and doing lots of work after hours, so I have good excuses.

My mom bought the "10 minute trainer" series - the one advertised on TV with Tony Horton. Man, it's kick a**. It's rough, though, I admit, but so worth it and enjoyable for only 10 minutes! It comes with a meal planner and all, and the suggestions are pretty feasible too. A little low on calories, but it's not an actual diet - instead it's a way to kick-start your metabolism so that you lose weight in 10 days flat. Also, they suggest that you combine two or three ten-minute workouts per day for maximum results, which I've been doing. Half an hour is really nothing at all when you're used to working out for an hour plus each time. So it's pretty fun stuff, and really effective. Just did 30 minutes now, actually, and was sweating like crazy.

In other news... busy with work! Pumpkins, Halloween, Dental Hygiene... all the fun things associated with being a K teacher. I'm loving it, truly. I *wish* and *hope* I will be there until the end of the year, by some small miracle. We shall see.

Pat and I have started watched Smallville, finally. We only have about 10 seasons to get through. No problem. It's got a certain charm to it despite it's over-the-top cheese. Also, the main character is not too hard to stare at, either. I just can't wait until the newer seasons when his hair is a little less shaggy.

Scrap wise, I've been buying and downloading lots of digi stuff, but don't have too much to show for it in the last week or so. I do have a layout to share from a few weeks ago. So enjoy!

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rocklady said...

oh this is just gorgeous ashley, love the mauve! :)