Thursday, December 20, 2007

EXAMS ARE OVER! WOO-HOO! I'm off until the 3rd of January. I did well in everything, although I don't know my Policy mark yet. But I'm confident that I've done okay, as in, not below a B+ or even an A-.

I am not yet ready for Christmas. I have tons of last minute running around to do, completing gifts and what not. I also want to re-dye my hair and get a hair cut. And I want to bake this weekend, and have confinced Patrick to partake in baking as well. And.... my mom's new couches are coming this weekend, which means that we have to move the old ones downstairs and pack up and store the downstairs couches somewhere... headache. But we will do it because Pat and I are getting a free couch set out of the deal, so it's all good.

In other news, today was the daycare Christmas party. The kids opened gifts, and then had pizza and ate the gingerbread house we made a few days ago. They looked soooo cute!! I can't upload any photos because I don't have permission from the parents. Thankfully the party went smoothly, although it was a hectic morning, and one of the kids barfed all over just before we went upstairs to open gifts... let's just say that I don't do well with barf!! but it was all cleaned in no time, and the party could go on!

So, I'll leave with a picture of the newest edition to our family. Isn't he cute? My brother brought him home from his friend's farm (his friend was going to eat him, sniff sniff). He thought he would give it to his girlfriend as an x-mas present, but her dad wouldn't let her keep it. So now he's living in our basement until further notice, although my mom really doesn't approve and keeps asserting that he must go. But he's just sooooo cute!!

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Pat said...

Keep on blogging! Good work, and great effort! Your blog is pretty, just like you!