Saturday, February 2, 2013

A bright Saturday morning awaits me. The house is a mess, but I'll get to that later. Right now I am enjoying cats purring, coffee, and blogland. I have discovered that She & Him tickets go on sale at noon - the concert is July 3rd! Ohh that will be a delightful time of year. School will have just ended, I will be in full-throttle wedding mode, and an evening on the town to see such great performers will be just what I need. I am assuming my lovely sidekick will be a good sport and tag along (let's hope!). Too bad none of my friends seem to share the same musical tastes, or would want to go.

Last night, right after work, I went for a quick trip to Plattsburgh to help my mom finalize her dress choice for the wedding. She had gone down the week before and found a dress she loved, but was worried about the color. Pat and I had to convince her that the shade option (which was slightly different than the color of our invitations) was fine, and that she wouldn't want to be matchy-matchy anyways. She was debating between a lighter and darker teal color, and we steered her in the direction of the darker, which will look better on her based on other dresses that she tried. Because of course they don't have the actual size in the actual color that you need, that would just be far too convenient. Anyways, I'm glad that we were able to get one more thing checked off our list. Here's what the dress looks like. Ignore the ridiculous gloves (what is up with that?). It fits my mom very well and she was quite thrilled when the lady in the dress shop kept referring to her as a hip momma, and how she wouldn't look good in any of the frumpy, traditional mother-of-the-bride assembles.

Today I think I will (hopefully) finish assembling the invitations and maybe work on some favor boxes. I am attempting to make them myself with my Silhouette, but I have had less than perfect results so far. We'll see how that goes... I may abandon the idea soon and move on to something more simple.
Have a great weekend folks! 

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