Sunday, July 24, 2011

he is here!

My best friend has had her baby! The whole family is doing extremely well. I am impressed with how calm and easy-going they have been about the whole thing - they are naturals!

Julie and Ken kept his name a surprise until he was born, can you believe it?! The curiosity was killing me, although I think it was a cool idea in the end because it made his birth that much more special. Julie called me late one Tuesday evening as Pat and I were peeling paint off of our basement walls (a lovely story for another time). Pat said that he didn't even recognize her voice over the phone because she sounded so chillaxed (though she claims it was pure exhaustion). She just wanted to let us know that we had a new baby friend, and everyone was doing well. We were soooo happy to hear the news and couldn't wait to meet him!! We went to the hospital on the following Thursday morning, on literally the hottest day of the year. Just walking outside was like melting into a steam bath, it was that drastic. We drove out to Chateauguay through the road work and traffic, but we didn't mind because we were going to meet Joshua (yes, I had caved and asked Julie to tell me his name over the phone because I couldn't wait any longer)!!

We were impressed with how nice the hospital is, not dreary and hospital-like at all really. It looks more like a strip mall when you first walk in, and light streams through the skylights in the main hallway. We tracked down the "pavillion des naissances" and found room 21, the second-to-last room on a long corridor, but very nicely and privately located. We knocked on the door and a few moments later, out came Ken with little Joshua resting in the crook of his arm. How precious and miraculous a newborn truly is. It's stunning at first to see them, you can't believe that they are finally here after a long journey from beyond. But there he was, tiny and adorable, swaddled in his blankets.

After a quick visit from the nurse, we were able to go in and see Julie, who looked fabulous for a lady who had just given birth. And no, I'm not only saying that because she's my friend. She had already lost so much of her weight and looked comfy and well-adjusted. I found myself hoping that I will look that good when I give birth. I hope I can be that "together".

The private room they were staying in had a nice large window overlooking a green space with tall trees and sprawling hills. Another nice feature was the double bed they got to share. I must say we will definitely consider this hospital when it's our turn, although it won't be for another long while, don't you worry.

Patrick and I took turns holding Josh while Julie and Ken recounted details of the journey they had just experienced, each adding dimension to the other. I am so glad we were able to visit and be part of Josh's first few days. I can't wait to watch him grow.

Congratulations on your beautiful boy my dear friends!

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