Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've had a great afternoon with Pat. We trained a bit, had lunch together, took a trip to the ten-30, where I browsed Omer DeSerres, Jysk, Winners HomeSense, and Indigo. We saw the PERFECT futon for Pat's office space (which he will officially have February 1st) - it's a super sexy, chocolate brown leather, no arm-rests... it just screams: I am a successful professional! I told him I would personally invest half its price just because he NEEDS it. Then I got all excited about plant, desk, and filling cabinet opportunities. Ah, it's so fun to be at this stage in the game.

At Omer DeSerres, I used my gift card that Pat's mom had given me as part of my x-mas present. I got a 11x8.5 scrapbooking album and some new (gorgeous) Making Memories paper and ribbon. YAY! All for 20 bucks, can't go wrong.

We also went to Safari pet store and I fell in love with various puppies and kittens. We pondered which type of dog we would one day adopt (as we are positive that we will get one from the SPCA and not from the pet store). We also looked at the parrots and it made me want to get one of those as well. We're in big trouble in the future - our house could potentially end up looking like a barn. My mother will be so mortified. LOL.

I also acquired this really cool scrapbooking book at Indigo. I can't wait to read it all and be inspired to partake in the all dares.

Today is Julie's birthday! I made her this tag. Hope you like it Julie, and hope you had a great day so far.

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